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Overview of Heart Bingo

Heart Bingo refers to an Internet collection of games provided in conjunction with the UK’s largest radio stations. It also offers a marketing program which allows affiliates to earn commissions by promoting these games via their own websites. Its selections are created by GameSys and licensed by the gaming commission in Gibraltar. Participants can play some free games, or can sign up to wager and win money.

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Player Incentives

Heart Bingo offers a variety of incentives and promotions to players. Participants enjoy a sign up bonus of 200%, up to a value of 200 British Pounds Sterling. The company requires a minimum deposit of 10 British Pounds Sterling, and will accept deposits from players interested in wagering of up to 500 British Pounds Sterling.

Every week, Heart Bingo offers promotions. These may include the opportunity to play free bingo games or to win free holidays. Additionally, players may participate in promotions to earn cash back from video slots games.

The List of Games

The types of on line wagering activities offered by Heart Bingo include a combination of some 20 different bingo games instant win games and slots. Although games may change from time to time, the gaming roster includes four types of Bingo: Bingo 75, Bingo 80 and Bingo 90 plus “Super Snap!”(both an instant win game and in one version a bingo game). Players can enter four separate virtual “rooms” to play each type of bingo while also listening to the radio broadcast in the background. Additionally, Heart Bingo’s selections include two instant win games in addition to Super Snap!: Fortune Teller Keno and Football Widows. The selections of popular slots also encompasses several popular items with a variety of themes: Double Bubble, Tiki Island, The 100,000 Pyramid, Cleopatra, Fortune Temple, Wonderland, Scratch and Shop, Bullion Bonanza, Tycoon Progressive, Houdini and Diamond Bonanza are just some of the slots selections.

The generous variety of games allow participants an opportunity to sample several different types of popular on line recreational games. These offerings also permit players to choose between a sufficient number of activities that they will not become bored easily. Here are just a few of Heart Bingo’s gaming offerings:

Bingo 90

This very high-paced bingo game occurs with 90 ball numbers at play. Players seek to match balls with the numbers on their cards. Each card has space for 15 numbers in total. There is a hefty jackpot which begins at a minimum of 1,000 British Pounds Sterling and rises to a maximum of either 10,000 or 25,000 British Pounds Sterling (the total amount varies based on the time of game play and the day of the week). Game play occurs in three rounds. A winning card can be filled in the first round by someone who matches five numbers in a row. Even if won, play continues to the second round, matching two rows and to the third, covering all numbers on a card.

Bingo 80

Bingo played with 80 game balls allows players to wager amounts ranging from a penny to a full British Pound Sterling. Players engage in a typical bingo game, filling their cards as numbers are called. However, they have an opportunity to purchase between one and 100 game cards and to obtain balls in designated allotments of 35, 45 or 55. Obviously, the size of an individual player’s bankroll to some extent will impact the odds of winning the bingo game. Bingo 80 can proceed at a comparatively rapid pace (faster than bingo games with fewer numbers of balls), a situation that contributes to tension and excitement in the game.


The Snap! game provides a strange cross between an instant win game, a poker game and a bingo game. Players purchase five game playing cards at a time (forming a single hand), and the rules allow them to buy a total of five hands for each game. If the hand dealt by the dealer happens to form a winning poker combination, a player wins a prize. The remainder of the game somewhat resembles bingo. Players hope to receive hands that when turned over will allow them to spell the word “SNAP!”

Football Widows

The arcade-style Football Widows game revolves around the humorous concept of a stereotypical sports fan who has become so addicted to watching his favorite hobby that his spouse decides to chuck his personal possessions. The player must endeavor to toss out a variety of items without allowing a goal keeper to catch them. Each time the player successfully launches one of the husband’s favorite toys, winnings in the one penny to 25 penny game double. But a single loss stands to wipe out both the original wagered amount and all the winnings in the game. Losses occur when the goal catcher successfully conducts an intercept.

Double Bubble Slots

A simple fruit and bubble gum theme pervades the wildly popular Double Bubble slots game. With five reels and 20 pay lines, a player can win a potential jackpot of 200 coins if five purple plums or five oranges correctly line up across an enabled pay line. There is a wild symbol in the game marked “Double Bubble wild” which can effectively substitute for other symbols to complete winning combinations. Players also look for the symbol of a gum ball marked “Bonus Ball.” If three of these appear on the screen (they will be in the first, third or fifth reel), a Bubble Popper Bonus round occurs and all wins for that spin may multiply by the size of the coin bet during the triggering spin.


The Cleopatra video slots game sends players on a virtual trip to Ancient Egypt. The five reel, 20 pay line slots offers a whopping top potential jackpot of 10,000 coins. The two icons which most interest players are the Sphinx symbol, which in a quantity of three of more anywhere in the reels may trigger a bonus round session of 15 free spins, and the Cleopatra symbol. Queen Cleopatra, the namesake of the game, is also a wild symbol. The presence of this icon completing a winning combination (except for the Sphinx), can cause that particular win to double in value.


The Heart Bingo gaming lineup and the frequent promotional offers from the company’s websites promise to engage and entertain players over the course of a long period of time. Already very popular in the UK, Heart Bingo appears likely to expand and reach even more customers in the future.

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