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Bet365 is one of the leading online spots betting websites on the Internet. It is a great location for you to check out and place bets on a wide selection of different games. From baseball to American Football, there is no limit to the kind of games and sports you can bet on. Best of all, there is a welcome bonus after you sign up that can give you more money to bet with. You just need to know how to access it and what you need to do to receive the money. It is rather straight forward, but unless you perform everything as you are suppose to, you might find yourself without the welcome bonus that is so attractive.

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First, when you make your way over to, make sure you select the language you want to play in. The English option is the default option, but there is around a dozen different languages available, so you can select exactly what works for you. Now that you are on the right language section of the website click on the large “Bet Now” button in the middle of the page. This takes you to the specific sports betting area of the website.

Now that you are on the sports area of the page you can proceed with starting up your account. To create an account click the small “Join Now” button. This is located in the upper right corner of the screen under “Username.” When you select this you are going to be taken through a few different basic bits of information you need to provide the website. The first is just your general login and username. Type in a username you like and a password. If the username is not available you are prompted this and asked to create a different username. Once you have a username that is accepted, enter in your email account and submit the info to Bet365. Momentarily, your email account is going to receive a confirmation email. Make sure to head over to your email account now and click on the confirmation page. This is designed to prevent spam based accounts from being set up by Internet bots.

After you have confirmed the email you are going to be sent over to the page where you fill out your account information. This includes your personal data, such as your name, address and billing information. The billing information is the account you must deposit money from. There are all sorts of different billing options. You can type in a credit or debit card, online payment service (such as PayPal) and even upload your bank account info so money can be directed transferred from your savings account. If your mailing address is different from your billing address make sure to include this information.

Now that you have uploaded all of your personal information, you need to make the initial deposit. Understand that the more you deposit into your account on the first time, the more you are going to receive with the welcome bonus. The welcome bonus provides you with up to $100 worth of additional funds to be used on a sports bet, but if you only deposit $50, you are only going to have the same amount matched. This is why it is a good idea to deposit as much money as possible. The more money you deposit the more you receive in return, but ultimately it all comes down to what you are looking for and what you are able to afford. It may take a little bit of time for your money to officially transfer over from your account to the online sports betting website, but once it is there you are going to receive a conformation in your email. It takes longer the first time as the website is going to perform a basic background check on you and your account to make sure the money that is being deposited into your account is real and comes from an actual legitimate source. Once this is confirmed though, it is not going to take long for you to deposit future amounts of money into your account and the waiting time is next to nothing.

Now, you do not receive the additional welcome bonus deposited into your account. There are a few additional steps you need to follow, so when you don’t see the extra $100 appear do not worry. The company did not do anything wrong. Return to your email address and look for the offer code email Bet365 set you. Inside of the email there is a 10 digit offer code that ends in NCDBP. Copy this down and then return to the website. Once there, log onto your account and choose the “Services” tab. Inside of this tab click on the “Offers” button and copy in the code you received in your email account and submit the coupon code. Once the code is confirmed to being accurate, the added welcome bonus is going to load up on your account information.

On occasion, you may have found that the email did not go through properly with the offer code. Perhaps you accidentally typed in the wrong email account or something else took place and now you are worried that you are not going to receive your money. This is not an issue as the website is able to detect when you use your offer code or not. If you have not used it and are unable to find it, head over to the “Members” page and have the email resent. You can then receive the money.

Do note that you do not need to make the $100 deposit your first deposit. You might just want to test out the services first in order to see if it works or not and if you like the betting options. The deposit that counts is your largest deposit. This way, even if you make a half dozen different deposits before the largest one, it is the largest that is going to be matched during this open week.

Now, you are not able to simply receive the $100 and withdraw your money. You must make at least three times the bet value you received before you are able to request a payout. This means, if you received a $100 deposit bonus, you must bet at least $300 before you qualify for the withdrawal. This way, you do not simply take advantage of the system and ruin it for the rest of the online sports betters. After you have reached the 300 percent, you can begin withdrawing money.

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