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If you are a lover of casino gambling but are never able to make it out to one of the casinos in the region, you should not be penalized. After all, there is a thrill of winning in a casino that is unlike anything else. While you are unable to bring all of the bells and whistles of a casino to your home, you can bring the gambling into the house with the help of Here, the website makes it possible to bet on just about any kind of traditional casino game you like. Best of all, you can receive a new player bonus of up to $200 in matching money based on your largest initial deposit within the first week of opening up your account. This is just free money that is being given away, so you might as well take advantage of it. With this walkthrough, you can learn about how exactly you need to create your account and how you are able to receive the money.

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Fist, you need to open up the account. This is pretty straight forward. Head on over to the website and click the “Join Now” tab that is found on the left side of the screen with the New Play Bonus listed. This is going to open up a new window or tab onto your computer screen. From here, fill in your basic account information. This includes your name, country of resident, address, email address, contact phone number, time zone and a desired username and password. You also are going to be asked to create a four-digit security code number. This is kind of like a pin number that is used to periodically check your identity. When logging onto a new computer that you have never used before (or a current computer after you have cleaned off the cookies and cache), you need to input this information. You also need it should you forget your password and need to reset it. You can also have the website just ask you this every time as an additional form of security. Lastly, there is a bonus code you might have received. This is not the welcome bonus, so if you do not have a bonus code do not worry about it. Check off that you are at least 18 years of age and that you have read, accept and agree with the Terms and Conditions. If you want to read upon on this there is a probed link next to the box you check. Once you are satisfied with it all, click “Join Now.”

Open up your email account and wait for the confirmation email to load. It should arrive within a few minutes at most, so once it does, select it and click the confirmation link. This takes you back to the website and logs you into your account. Once you are on the site you need to sync up a deposit and withdraw method. Click on the “Services” tab on the right side of the screen under where you will log in in the future and choose “Banking.” In the banking location, enter in your payment information here. There are different forms of banking you can select. This ranges from debit and credit cards all the way to the routing and banking number on your checking account. You can also go with an online banking service such as PayPal, if you want to go this route.

After your banking and finances have been uploaded you can now start to deposit money. The website is going to match up to $200 worth, but this can only be done with a single deposit. The website takes your largest deposit and matches this, so you can’t just deposit $50 four times and expect to receive a matching $200. You are only going to receive a $50 bonus. So, if you want to test out the website, test it out with a small amount, so when you find that you are happy, deposit as much as you want, but if you want the full benefit of the welcome bonus, it is best to deposit at least $200.

When the money has cleared and appears in your account (it may take a bit longer the first time with a deposit unless you are using a credit card because wants to make sure the money is actually there) you can start to make bets. You can also claim your bonus. To do this, return to the “Services” and “Banking” tab, then select to claim your welcome bonus. After you have done this the money is going to be deposited into your account.

It is important to understand that you are simply not able to just cash out and withdraw the money now. You need to best at least three times the initial deposit amount before you can withdraw. So, if you received a welcome bonus of $200, you need to bet at least $600 before you are eligible for a withdrawal. This is to make sure you do not just take the $200 for free and leave the website with the free money. The website does keep track of how much you have bet, so you can log into your account and look to see how close you are becoming. All of the bets you place on the website count, so whether it is slots, video poker, a game of keno, table games or card games, all of these different bets are part of the total number.

Now, if you decided to use a credit card for your deposit, you need to make sure and enter in a different method for receiving the money. After all, you are not able to receive a credit card withdrawal. If you entered in any other form though, you should be good to go when it comes to withdrawing the money. provides you with a wide range of different games. You can even download the games directly to your desktop or mobile device so you don’t need to constantly log onto the website. With the help of the download feature there are over 250 games right there, without ever needing to open your Internet browser. Now, it really just comes down to what you are looking for and what sort of games you want to play. You may find all the games you want are right on the downloadable software or you might find you need to log onto the website. Either way, claiming your welcome bonus is pretty easy and you do not need to do anything terribly difficult in order to receive the money.

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