JackPotJoy.com Review: Best Bingo Site Online?

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Many online casinos are a dime a dozen these days and offer everything from poker to slots. However, it seems that sites that offer bingo are a bit of a rare breed in many cases. The good news is that JackPotJoy has not one, but several fun and entertaining bingo games for you to enjoy in addition to a nice selection of more traditional online casino games. Let’s go over this site and see what makes JackPotJoy.com such a great choice for gaming online.

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Bingo Games

We’ll get to the other games that JackPotJoy offers but first let’s go over their selection of bingo games since they are known as the UK’s #1 bingo site for a reason. Taking a look around their website in the games section you’ll find an entire area dedicated to bingo fun. In total you’ll find ten incredible games of bingo to play, each with different stipulations and their own unique rules to make them exciting in their own way.

For example, Speed Bingo is themed around a rocket riding fox character named Jin and offers a progressive jackpot. Tickets are cheap and the action is fast paced, offering blackout games at thirty second intervals during specific times of the day.

If you’re looking for something a bit more traditional you can try the Bingo 90. If you want something with exciting bonus games there are options like Royale Bingo, Game Show Bingo, and Take Me Out. In addition to these options there is even a bingo game based on the popular mobile puzzle game Bejeweled. Called Bejeweled Bingo appropriately enough, and consists of a minimum 2,500 British pounds daily jackpot and progressive jackpot. After the bingo portion if you have bought at least six tickets you move on to the special Bejeweled challenge round where you can win additional tickets to be used for the next game.

Getting into the action with these bingo games is easy, just like with all of their games. You select the game you want and you can either view info on it including the rules, or click play to get started.

Other Games

In addition to bingo you can play a variety of fun games at JackPotJoy.com such as video poker and slots. Overall they offer a total of 53 slots games (48 multi-line slots and 5 traditional slots) consisting of favorites such as Tiki Island, featuring their popular monkey character, and Wonderland, featuring their equally as well known Alice character. The slots games come with different jackpots and rules of course to keep things fresh so you’re sure to find something you love.

As for poker you’ll find a selection of nine different games to choose from. Keep in mind that this is video poker, you won’t be playing against an actual human opponent. That said, there are many great options here such as the “Jacks or Better” game that pays you for any hand that has a pair of jack or better. If that isn’t your thing you can play Aces and Faces and try and score huge payouts for four of a kinds.

In addition to video poker and slots you’ll find plenty of options such as keno, roulette, black jack, baccarat, and more. There are even off beat games such as Pai Gow Poker to keep you entertained.

Something worth noting is that on the site you’ll always be able to see the progressive jackpots in the right side column. This is a really nice features and helps to keep you excited as you get to see in real time the jackpots going up higher and higher. It also gives you an indication where the biggest jackpots are if you’re the type to go after those.


Like any good online casino JackPotJoy.com has a wide variety of promotions for you to enjoy. In fact, they seem to have more promotions than many other online casinos tend to have. One of their main promotions is called “Cash Back King.” This promotion basically gives you a 10% cash back on your losses on Thursday if you spend more than 50 pounds on Wednesday. This is a great deal and great reason to play on Wednesdays.

Another popular promotion is refer a friend program. Essentially you get 20 pounds for each friend you refer up to five friends. This is a great way to not only earn some extra cash but to also spread the fun of JackPotJoy.com to you friends and get them in on the action.

Some promotions are time sensitive, such as their Starbursting with Cash promotion for their new game. Essentially playing this particular games gives you extra chances to win cash for a certain time period. Keep in mind that promotions like this tend to come and go so there is always something to keep an eye out for.

VIP and Community

In addition to the fun you can have gaming at JackPotJoy.com, you can also chat with other gamers in the chat room section. The rooms are hosted by 12 different individuals and is a friendly way to meet people who are just as into online casino games as you are.

In addition to this, there is also a VIP program as well for loyal members of JackPotJoy.com. Perks include birthday bonuses/gifts, VIP cash bonuses with no wagering required, VIP specific prize draws and access to other high end prizes, and luxury VIP gift boxes.

Another major perk of being a VIP at JackPotJoy.com is that you get to meet the staff at a variety of fun events. Events that have been hosted include Ladies Day at Royal Ascot, Cirque Du Soleil, and Cheltenham Gold Cup just to name a few. JackPotJoy.com really goes out of their way to make you feel like a superstar when you’re a part of their VIP program.


Ultimately JackPotJoy.com has a ton of features and games to offer. Being known as the UK’s #1 online bingo site is no exaggeration yet they don’t hold back when it comes to offering a variety of other games to enjoy. The promotions are well thought out and make it easy to have a great time gaming on the site. The games themselves are fun and exciting, definitely giving your a great time while the progressive jackpots keep you motivated since that big win could always be just around the corner.

If you’re into online casino gaming in the UK or elsewhere you’ll certainly have a great time at JackPotJoy.com. We highly recommend that you check it out and see how you like it, you certainly won’t be disappointing if you’re into online bingo that’s for sure.

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