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The Virgin brand is a globally recognized brand that is headed by the uber-rich flamboyant, Richard Branson. The game was sold to international gaming company Gamesys in 2013. This means that the brand name is its only connection to the Virgin Global brand at this point. It is licensed in Gibraltar by the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority. Currently, the game is exclusive to Britain and Ireland. However, the system allows people from around the world to become members. They have a credit system that accepts American and Canadian money as well as Euros. If a player is simply playing the game for entertainment purposes, they can enjoy the game without downloads or software installation. The game can be enjoyed for gambling or recreation by utilizing the player’s internet browser.

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The game does not accept bets from the United States. Because the online gaming laws are not clear in America, this is the case with many online gaming products. However, the game is still enjoyable as a video game. The game is used for entertainment or as table games would be used among friends. This makes Virgin Casino a viable product for the online entertainment crowd. Additionally, people can become familiar with the game by playing it for entertainment. This helps them in gaming when they are in the appropriate jurisdictions. Virgin’s viability is further enhanced by the fact that the game does not have to be downloaded. This is an important feature because people are wary of downloads in the age of cyber-crime. When people are not gaming, they resist unnecessary downloads. However, these games are safe and feature very high-tech security features.

Virgin Casino Games

Virgin Casino has all the requisite casino games that are traditionally popular among gamblers. They have internet slots and all the traditional casino games like black jack, baccarat and poker. They also have games that are popular like Wolf Run and Cats. These are also automated games, but these games are often featured as big draws in land-based casinos. After Gamesys acquired the casino, the number of games has been reduced drastically. However, some of the games that Virgin invented are still present on the site. In some ways, the limited selection of games allows players to access all parts of the casino and become proficient. Too many games that are being offered by an online casinos can be overwhelming to some players. Sometimes this occurs because online casinos with too many games do not seem to be authentic. Virgin still has plenty of games. This means the experience is not diminished.

Virgin is a browser based system. The advantage of this systems is not only that software does not have to be downloaded, but also that the game can be played immediately by simply using the computer. It is compatible to all the popular browsers. It is also compatible with all brands of computers and all operating systems also. The interface operates smoothly, and it is complete with very crisp graphics. The site was heavily designed to cater to the UK gaming industry. Virgin is one of the most famous companies in England. However, the game has become global because members are accepted worldwide. The is bolstered by the fact that the game accepts accounts from Canada, America and Britain. Remember that the game excludes bets from the U.S., but it does allow the games to be played. This is a bonus feature of the flash-based system.

One of the most favorable features of any online casino is a progressive jackpot. Virgin Casino participates in several. These games are present on other systems that are offered by Gamesys. These systems include Alice in Wonderland, Caribbean Stud Poker and many more. Progressive jackpots offer the greatest incentive in gambling. It only requires participation in one of the Gamesys systems to gain a pot that accumulates from across all of their systems. This makes the jackpots really large, and they get this large very quickly. There is also a minimum amount of gambling that has to occur to qualify for these very large pots. Progressive jackpots draw as many people to online casinos as bonuses and hefty payout percentages.

Virgin Prizes

New players that are opening new accounts and making their initial deposits are rewarded an initial deposit bonus. New players are matched 100 percent when they purchase from 5 to 50 credits. If the new player wagers the equivalent of 20 times their initial deposit, the player’s account is debited the earnings automatically. This is small compared to many bonuses that are offered by other companies. However, a player will either hit before the bonus or achieve a win eventually because they will be rewarded 50 free credits after the 20 time equivalent is achieved. This keeps the game interesting for novice players and high rollers alike. Winning in gambling is a big draw, but the development level of the game also plays a significant role. Virgin has these components, and this is why their bonuses are somewhat minimal. The large bonuses are not necessary because people enjoy the game. This is also the attraction for those that enjoy the game but that do not gamble.

Virgin offers daily promotions and reload bonuses. Additionally they offer many more prizes. Their V-point system is designed to take the place of bonuses and provide the incentive for those that enjoy bonuses to accept Virgin as a gambling choice. The V-points are redeemable for cash, flights, charitable donations and even cash. Most surprising is that they can be redeemed for Virgin Atlantic Club frequent flyer miles. However, various vouchers are also a redeemable option. This is better than bonuses in most cases. Additionally, they are designed as incentives for common players and not for just high rolling gamblers.

Banking and Support

Virgin Casino does not have the extensive banking apparatus that some online casino have. They do accept all major credit and debit cards that are issued in Britain, and they also have a system for bank transfers. They also accept PayPal and Neteller payments. Because the game is U.K. based, this is an adequate form of banking for the region. Additionally, they have a superb support staff that is available at all times of the day or night. They can also be reached by email, phone or even by live chatting capabilities. They are reported to be cordial and engaging. However, this is par for the course in Virgin offerings. It is also a reason that the game has become so dear to Britain based gamblers. They take things that carry the Virgin name quite seriously.

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