Winning with Paddy Power – An introduction

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Did you know you can increase your chances of winning at poker online? Yes, you can. Just by going onto the site you increase your odds. How? First, you need to work on your strategy. The strategy is the thing that seems to trip most people up.

One of the best tools you can use is the tutorial. You might have seen stuff on Dr. Jack. He is the guy you want on your side. He includes little tips and hints on how to win big, especially in the bonus rounds. If you are new to the game, it’s going to work in your best interest to pay attention.

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This is another good tool to have in your back pocket. The academy tells you everything you need to know. Sign up and participate in some poker tournaments. These games will probably give you one of the best insights.

The learning academy is free to use. Use it. That is what it’s there for.


Yes, there is a bonus to signing up. The first thing you get is $5. This is just for the initial sign up. The next thing you need to do is concentrate on the first deposit. The system will match you up to 100% of the first amount. You can up to $500 in your account. How cool is that!

Now, here is the disclaimer. The only way this works is if you are playing with real money. Real money is the key. If you are still in the kiddie pool, juts getting your feet wet, don’t expect this to happen.

As you get more into the bonus rounds and levels, the money will increase too. You can get up to $600 in monthly prizes and cash. You only get this as you become more strategic with your playing. The key is strategy. Always will be. In order to cash in on these bonuses and prizes, you have need to exercise caution. You have to get really good at judging the game. Know when to play and when to lay low. It takes years of practice to get up to these levels, but it is achievable.

Every time you play you will earn points. These points can be traded in for cash and prizes or playing more games. What is the best strategy? Depends on who you are. Some are okay with walking away after a certain period and collection their money. Others want to keep on playing.


It’s for those who want to keep on playing that need to up their strategy. Playing poker takes stamina and a certain drive. The further you go and the more bonus rounds you get into, the better your strategy needs to be.

How can you achieve this type of success in the bonus rounds?


1)The four-of-a-kind hands are what counts here. If you have this type of hand, you will be a winner. When it comes to the bonus rounds, the doubles are also what counts. If you have a double winning hand, you will get twice the money. The best thing to do is learn what a four-of-a-kind hand consists of. There are many hands which have this. Learn them all. This way you won’t throw away a good hand when one is right in front of you. This a common mistake many make. Why? They aren’t educated enough to know the difference.

2)When comparing the four-of-a-kind with the Jack or better, the payouts are less. The payouts will be decreased by a small amount. Why? This only works in the short-term. The only way you can recover is by hitting the four-of-a-kinds with a big premium. If you don’t, your money will go south in a big hurry.

3)When it comes the payouts for the double bonus, there are a few hands you need to watch out for. Pay close attention to flush, straight and full house. These will be your big hitters. If you have not idea what these are, learn them in a hurry. In fact, it’s best to learn what all the hands mean before you play. This will save on a lot of losses. Sometimes losses can’t be helped, but it’s better if you know what the cards mean.


Learn the rules thoroughly. I know this sounds very simple to say. I touched on it a bit up top. It’s very important that you listen to this. The best strategy for bonus rounds of poker is having a game plan. This best poker players all have strategies. Learn the rules to game. Learn how and when to cash in on the best prizes. Never ignore that nagging feeling inside. If something is telling you not to move forward, listen to that voice. It might just save you some money.

Which brings me to my next point. You have to manage your money wisely. It can be too easy to caught up in the world of poker. It can be too easy to say “hey, I’ll spend a little bit more.” Keep track of your expenses. If you feel you are going to be going over your limit, restrain yourself. A big part of playing poker is knowing when to walk away.

Don’t give into pressure. This goes for online or a physical casino. You are bound to have friends around you telling you to make a move. They are going to tell you to play a card. This is your hand, not theirs. Try not to pay attention to what they are saying. Learn to live in your own world with bonus rounds of poker. There are many moves that require extreme concentration. You can’t let the outside world in. It’s best to pretend they are not there.

Another tip is to recognize when a fire smells like a fire. If you sense a hand is not going well, it’s best to jump ship. This goes back to the idea of knowing when to walk away. Sometimes it’s best to ride out a game or situation. Other times it’s best to jump ship. Jumping ship is not showing a sign of weakness. It’s actually showing how smart you are. Some hands are not meant to play out.

If you would like to know more about how the bonus rounds are played, visit our site online. We have tons of tips for you. Get a feel for what we offer. Once you have gotten your feet wet, join us. Sign up and enjoy the game!

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